Home Design Trends We Love

Home Design Trends We Love

  • Linda Farwell
  • 06/3/21

Add rich texture

Adding textural depth to your home is a simple way to instantly elevate any room. Whether you update the walls with a faux finish, swap plain throw pillows for patterned ones, or install artisanal art pieces with 3D elements, there are myriad ways to up the ante on your home’s design when incorporating more textural pieces. Opt for a textured wallpaper such as grasscloth for a subtle but distinguished look — and take it to the next level by mixing wallpapers. For an elegant addition to your walls, select art pieces that utilize three dimensional media like the hand-painted White Block from Crate & Barrel, which was created using multiple layers of gesso. 

Incorporate houseplants

Any room in your home can benefit from a bit of greenery. Incorporating houseplants into your design scheme adds warmth and vitality to any room, and many popular options can thrive in many different living conditions, which means you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to participate in this trend. Because houseplants range in size and style, you can select plants that fit your room perfectly, such as adding a monstera to your living room or placing a pothos on the bookshelves in your home office.

Not only can plants act as stunning design accents — they’re functional as well. Whether growing fresh basil in the kitchen, aloe in the bathroom, or lavender in the master bedroom, choosing houseplants with multi-use properties gives purpose to this trendy decor. 

Creating an inspiring kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and there are a multitude of ways to style it so that it is both functional and fashionable. Green cabinetry is one of the most talked-about design trends for kitchens in 2021. Inspiring growth and vibrance, green is perfect for the kitchen, and because there are so many variations of this color swaying from warm-toned to cooler hues it is extraordinarily versatile. Pair your new green cabinets with a patterned wallpaper or swap your flooring for retro black and white checkered tiles for a vintage appeal. One trend we love for the kitchen is adding some patterned or colorful wallpaper. Because the kitchen is a room that we spend ample time in, cultivating a space that sparks joy is imperative. Gone are the days of subway tile and all-white everything. Instead, add a splash of color, a dash of your favorite pattern, and mix it together for the kitchen of your dreams. 

Trend toward maximalism

Another unique trend we’re loving involves lots of vintage pieces. This has come to be known as the “grandmillennial” trend which celebrates maximalism. It involves mixing and matching different colors, eclectic pieces, and vintage relics you might not be able to find in every home decor store. Not only is this style a great way to make a room exciting, but it’s very easy to find pieces from a variety of places, whether you’re looking for new pieces or used pieces from secondhand shops or estate sales. There are absolutely no rules for this trend other than to have fun with it and fill your space with whatever you like! It also makes for a very comforting space filled with pieces and decor you love. For more ideas and inspiration, check out this article on the recent history of the grandmillenial look.

Seek simplicity in monochrome

A maximalist style is definitely not for everyone! If minimalism is more your taste but you still want to add some personality to a room, consider going monochrome. For an all-white minimalist space, you can also add some pops of color to the decor, whether it be on throw pillows or artwork on the walls. This will make your space pop, all while upholding that minimalist look you love. For ideas, try checking out some wallpaper sites for inspiration or look for wall art! 

Embrace mood lighting

If you’re looking for a simple way to add something different to a room in your house, consider adding a new form of lighting. The warmth of string lights adds a subtle but ethereal touch to any room in your house, and it looks spectacular on a back patio. For something a little more daring, consider adding a neon sign to your home office that will encourage you day after day.

On the topic of lighting, another trend we love is using lighting as an art piece. Rattan chandeliers are coming back in style, paying homage to a retro era. Utilizing lighting to add depth and interest in a room is a simple but effective way to add another layer of design to an otherwise finished space. 

Install a gallery wall

If you have empty wall space in your home and don’t know quite what to do with it, consider creating a gallery wall. By pairing unique pieces with a cohesive theme, gallery walls are a clever way to showcase your favorite artists, and this trend can be adapted to fit any wall in your house, whether sprucing up a corner in the kitchen or making a statement in the living room. This is the perfect opportunity to install the artworks you couldn’t decide where to place — combining pieces into this larger tableau allows you to utilize them in new and innovative ways while expressing yourself. 

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