Build Up Your Equity by Building Up Your Schools

Like many families today, my husband and I want to give our son the best life that we can.  When we made the move to Healdsburg, we loved everything about it.  Well, everything but the schools.  The school scores just weren't what we had expected from this seemingly affluent town.  As I did some research, I found out that for a long time this town was full of retirees and second home owners from San Francisco; neither of which need to worry about cultivating the school system.  However, I also knew that there were a lot of young families moving in and this gave me hope! 

Here is an article a recently read proving that transforming a school is possible.  After reading this, I felt so inspired. I know that as a community of caring and invested parents, we can make change happen for our kiddos.  Click Here for Article

And what is the ancillary benefit to building up our local schools?  It builds property equity by creating an even more desirable place to live.  It's a win win if you ask me!